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The Introduction

I think the best way for me to help you with your wedding hair here and now, is to explain the "normal" build-up to your wedding day from a hairdresser's point of view. What's normal? Simply, from my point of view it means doing the hair of the bride, three bridesmaids and the bride's mother!

The Engagement

It all starts six months to a year before your wedding when you decide on the date. You book the wedding and reception venues way in advance because they're busy. Contact your hairdresser when you start looking at dresses, thinking about the flowers and the cars, as you will need to make four appointments. Contact me as early as possible as I like to book the day out. The first appointment is a 1 hour consultation with the bride and the bride's mother. We talk about the style of the wedding, the hair, and we work out a schedule and appointments for hair cuts and trial runs. I like to have one trial run with the bride and a separate one with the bridesmaids. The brides mother shouldn't need a trial run. At the brides trial run we go through what we discussed at the consultation and I do your hair! Sometimes the bride likes an extra trial run for peace of mind, that's ok. Bridesmaids are often the most difficult. Not because of the hair styles or because they can't keep still. But because they can't be organised to come to a trial run all at the same time. The fourth appointment is the big day!

Every woman I've ever met has wanted to celebrate her wedding in style. Her own style. It's Your idea of perfection. A wedding needs researching. For the best wedding ideas and advice that caters for every style and budget I recommend: Bride's Magazine.

The Wedding Day

The order is this:
1 - mother of the bride. Blow-dry / Comb-out
2 - the bride. Whatever needs to be done
3 - the eldest bridesmaid. Whatever needs to be done
4 - the rest of the bridesmaids. Whatever needs to be done
5 - mother of the bride. Check
6 - bridesmaids. Check
7 - bride. Check.

The Honeymoon

My fee for this typical wedding is:
Bride - includes consultations, trial run and The Day
3 Bridesmaids - includes trial run and The Day
Brides Mother - includes consultation, Blow-dry / Comb-out
My Total Fee (for this typical wedding) (about) £500
Any hair cutting would be extra

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