About Me

Goin’ back to my roots

I trained and worked at Ricci Burns in Chelsea, London’s most exclusive salon (well it was in the early ’70s). Ever since the publication of my first magazine cover (Brides) in the spring of 1975, I’ve been pushing the boundaries of hairdressing with some innovative techniques that are commonplace today. I’ve got big game experience having worked for virtually every British fashion magazine and with the world’s top photographers. I have been responsible for the look in advertising campaigns such as Jaeger, Country Casuals, Jousse, Charnos, the Silk Commission, Saga Furs, Way-in at Harrods and Art Work.

Here is my little tribute to, David Oliver Creasey who helped to shape my career!


Some of the Photographers I’ve worked with. What ever happened to Barney?

I was contacted by Patrick Wilen a New York photographer after he "googled" Barney Bosshart and found slashhair, Patrick worked more than 20 years ago as an apprentice photographer at ‘studio W.S Eberle in Zürich’, Barney Bosshart was the second photographer. According to Patrick and I quote:
"barney quit his job at the studio and went travelling – i think to brazil. a couple of years later he called me and we had dinner together in zürich. at that time he was preparing an exhibition of his personal work. after that dinner i lost track of barney (15 years ago)"Patrick Wilen Photographer.
For some reason, I thought Barney Bosshart had died!? Sorry, I don’t know why. If your out there Barney, I hope your well. I worked with Barney on about three sessions at the Rossetti Studios, Flood Street in 1975. The main thing I remember about him was his over energetic approach to photography. He seemed to like movement, so he would get the models jumping in front of a massive daylight flash.

David Anthony
David Bailey
John Bishop
Tony Boas
Barney Bosshart
Willie Christie
Rod Delroy
Terence Donovan
Rod Ebdeb
Arthur Elgort
Martin Hooper
Roy Jones
Charles Kemp
Serge Krouglikoff
Barry Lategan
Patrick Lichfield
Stefano Massimo
Chris Roberts
Jeany Savage
Chris Simpson
Ian Stokes
Dick Swayne


First cover 1975

Although I would rather be judged on the quality of my work, I’ll show my experience with Quality. In my past life, I have worked editorially for most fashion magazines, including:

Vogue (French)
Vogue (Italian)
Harpers & Queen
Womans Journal
Country Life
Elle (French)
Over 21
Look Now
Nova (name from the past)

Celebrity Clients

Famous names from the mid to late’70s, "some of them are still around!?"

Alexandra Bastido (photographic session)
Angie Bowie & her Mum
Marianne Faithfull
Zaza Gabor (photographic session)
Jerry Hall (photographic session)
Anoushka Hempel (photographic session)
Barbara Hulanicki (Biba) (photographic session)
Mick Jagger
Bianca Jagger (photographic sessions)
Paul McCartney
Edna O’Brien
Ozzy Osbourne
Anita Roddick (photographic session)
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)