Biba – The Last Fashion Show

Ricci Burns Telegraph september 19th 1975

@MissPeelpants Liz Eggleston, John Steed’s Roxy Girl, posted: ‏Barbershop Quintet: When the teasing had to stop via The Telegraph Magazine, September 19th 1975. The line-up: Marianne Faithfull, Fenella Fielding, Ricci Burns, Sian Phillips, Brenda Arnaud.

That Telegraph colour supplement hung around for ages until it finally got drowned in a house move! On seeing the cover again I was, for some unknown reason, instantly transported back to a Biba fashion show (1974/5 not sure of the exact date)!

Biba was an imposing building on Kensington High Street, it’d been Derry and Toms department store. The fashion show was for Missoni, showing Italian knitwear, held in the roof garden restaurant. One of the more effervescent models did the can-can, but forgot to put her knickers on; which brought the house down – the louder they screamed, the higher her kicks!

I knew one of the models, and between shows we took our drinks out on to the roof garden. But quite frankly, the shop was in massive decline and it looked very sorry for itself – It was Biba’s last fashion show.

I suppose the Telegraph cover has a Biba-esque feel?

Must say I love Liz’s brilliant blog: Get Some Vintage-a-Peel – Very evocative for me, especially as I’ve worked with most of the models – I got to the point where I half expected to see some of my early work …no such luck! Oh hang on, Marianne Faithfull :-) xXx

What does TMO stand for?

A client asked me today, “What does TMO stand for?” (Rugby World Cup 2015) TMO stands for: Television Match Official or they’re called the Video Referee! Basically, what they do is, the TMO rules on what the referee asks him to, and he can only rule on that – he can’t spot mistakes and draw the referee’s attention to them!



David Tovey Fashion Show – 27 September 2015

Lucy Cates model

Model: Lucy Cates @LucyCates Hair: Rainbow Room @RainbowRoomInt Photography: Richard Miles @richmilesphoto MUA: Maddie Austin @MaddieAmua Styling: Clare Frith @songbirdwedding

A creative Hairdresser is required for a fashion show to be held at the South Bank on Sunday 27th September 2015. Unfortunately, they’ll be unable to pay! The organisers are looking for a Volunteer Hairdresser.

Yeah, look, I’m not okay with pay-to-play either; and I’m fully aware of the Twitter hashtag #NoFreeWork. But this fashion show is all about raising awareness to prove a broken man can succeed with a helping hand! And that broken man is: David Tovey @DavidTovey1975.

Let me tell you a little bit about David John Tovey:
He’s an Artist. For many years he was a successful businessman after leaving the British army. In 2011 he had a stroke and this was the start of a long battle with bad health and rotten luck. He is now on the mend, and helping others through charitable works. Please read his amazing story featured the Independent: David Tovey has weathered cancer, cardiac arrest, HIV and homelessness – and he’s only 39.

This fashion show really is a wonderful opportunity for a young hairdresser to gain real experience and build a portfolio of work – think of it as a test session (which are never paid). Lucy Cates is one of the named models.

I don’t know the absolute full details, you need to contact @DavidTovey1975 for those, but I can tell you the location of the event is the South Bank. It starts from the Millennium Eye and works its way around towards the British Film Institute and then back again via the main road. The actual show kicks off around 1600, and will probably go on for 45 minutes.

Read #TwitterSmarter To Tweet Smarter – A Big Tip

Madalyn Sklar ‏@MadalynSklar is a real card, I call her the Promo Queen; she really is the Queen Bee of the Twitter Girls (Madalyn’ll get that quip). The point is, Madalyn is a relentless, hard core promoter who knows how to operate the interconnectivity switchboard – big time.

On the other hand, I aim to be, and hope I am, a million miles away from that! I like to think I’m an organic tweeter. Which means I’m small-time and personal, informal and friendly; basically, what I do is actually connect with the people I follow and my followers – the best I can. I don’t care about the numbers (how many people follow me) or about celebrity, I care about the conversation! And actually that’s also what I like about Madalyn, she can chat heart-to-heart.

My #TwitterSmarter Big Tip

Don’t automate your account and allow someone else to hijack your persona!

I followed ‏@_TOUGH_GIRL after our #TwitterSmarter interaction – All Good :-)

Then ToughGirl Sarah Williams sent me an automated Crowdfire direct message, which basically said, visit my website: – All Not So Good!

The point is: I feel that that DM was SPAM! Because, I feel that all ToughGirl is doing is trying to sell me her website. I really hate automated direct messaging on Twitter, it’s such bollocks – No One Cares or wants little turds deposited on them (maybe 0.5% of 2% (0.01) do?).

Anyway, I told ‏@_TOUGH_GIRL that automated DMs are bollocks and then she blocked me, apparently she got negative vibes – ‘Nuff Said!

In reality though, all the negativity had come from Sarah Williams’ direction, but she was unable to understand and see it – because Sarah had relinquished a portion of her control to Crowdfire!

If you want to connect with your audience, you’ve got to do it personally.

Who’s a tough girl? My wife.