Read #TwitterSmarter To Tweet Smarter – A Big Tip

Madalyn Sklar ‏@MadalynSklar is a real card, I call her the Promo Queen; she really is the Queen Bee of the Twitter Girls (Madalyn’ll get that quip). The point is, Madalyn is a relentless, hard core promoter who knows how to operate the interconnectivity switchboard – big time.

On the other hand, I aim to be, and hope I am, a million miles away from that! I like to think I’m an organic tweeter. Which means I’m small-time and personal, informal and friendly; basically, what I do is actually connect with the people I follow and my followers – the best I can. I don’t care about the numbers (how many people follow me) or about celebrity, I care about the conversation! And actually that’s also what I like about Madalyn, she can chat heart-to-heart.

My #TwitterSmarter Big Tip

Don’t automate your account and allow someone else to hijack your persona!

I followed ‏@_TOUGH_GIRL after our #TwitterSmarter interaction – All Good :-)

Then ToughGirl Sarah Williams sent me an automated Crowdfire direct message, which basically said, visit my website: – All Not So Good!

The point is: I feel that that DM was SPAM! Because, I feel that all ToughGirl is doing is trying to sell me her website. I really hate automated direct messaging on Twitter, it’s such bollocks – No One Cares or wants little turds deposited on them (maybe 0.5% of 2% (0.01) do?).

Anyway, I told ‏@_TOUGH_GIRL that automated DMs are bollocks and then she blocked me, apparently she got negative vibes – ‘Nuff Said!

In reality though, all the negativity had come from Sarah Williams’ direction, but she was unable to understand and see it – because Sarah had relinquished a portion of her control to Crowdfire!

If you want to connect with your audience, you’ve got to do it personally.

Who’s a tough girl? My wife.

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