Dr David E. Martin With Reiner Fuellmich

Dr David E. MartinDr David E. Martin

“Dr. David E. Martin is the founding (1998) CEO of M∙CAM Inc. M∙CAM is the international leader in intellectual property-based financial risk management. From auditing patent quality for governments and patent offices, to providing state-of-the-art actuarial risk management systems and solutions to the largest banks and insurance companies, M∙CAM has established a global standard in patent quality and commercial validity assessment and management.” Quote via WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization: Dr. David E. Martin

The opening 6 minutes may blow your mind!

VIDEO LINK: A manufactured illusion. Dr David E. Martin With Reiner Fuellmich 9th July 2021 Published: 9th July 2021. Duration: 1h 22mins. The video is edited from Corona Ausschuss (Corona Investigative Committee) live stream 6h 30mins.

Video and Transcript on Forbidden Knowledge TV.

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier by David E. Martin

If you’re interested in the list of 5,000+ patents that Dr David Martin refers to in the video, it starts on page 27 of this free .pdf: The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier!

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAN: The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier. Size: 205 pages. Released under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA.

The @JamesDelingpole Podcast With Dr Mike Yeadon

Listen to Delingpole’s latest podcast with Dr Mike Yeadon. Dr Mike Yeadon is former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd., he talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab:

PODCAST LINK: The James Delingpole Podcast With Dr Mike Yeadon Published: 2nd April 2021. Duration: 1h 05mins.

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Dr Reiner Fuellmich 19th March 2021 – Corona Investigative Committee – Vera Sharav

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations such as Deutsche bank, VW, and Cunard and Niagara. He is also one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Since July 10, 2020, this committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists and experts’ testimony. After hearing these scientists Reiner Fuellmich says, “This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a corona scandal; and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages” – which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. Click here to visit his website, which is in German, but he does plan to translate the German Corona Investigative Committee website into an English version too!

Vera Sharav is a public advocate for human rights and is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

Watch This Video: In conversation with Vera Sharav

VIDEO LINK: Session 44 The Roots of Evil – In conversation with Vera Sharav [Sitzung 44 Die Wurzeln des Übels – Im Gespräch mit Vera Sharav] Published 20 Mar 2021. 1:12:08 mins.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny – Future Prospects!

Dr Sherri TenpennySherri J. Tenpenny, DO, AOBEM(95-06), AOBNMM, ABIHM

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialities. Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health; Dr Tenpenny has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs (including the Dr. Oz Show and the Today Show Australia). She has lectured at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve Medical School, and has been a speaker at conventions, both nationally and internationally, as a recognized expert on a wide range topics within the field of Integrative Medicine including breast health, breast thermography, women’s hormones, medical uses of iodine, and the adverse effects vaccines have on health. (Taken from Sherri’s website.)

Please Watch This Important Vax Short Video – Dr Sherri Tenpenny

VIDEO LINK: Shot in the Dark – Dr Sherri Tenpenny 25.28 mins. Published: 16 March 2020. The clip was taken from: ‘www.daystar.tv/ministry-now’. Dr Sherri Tenpenny reveals how the new COVID-19 vaccines work and what you are not being told.

The original video was posted on YouTube, but was censored, meaning it has been removed from the YouTube Channel!

When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie. Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Obertilliach by Curt Ziegra

Obertilliach by Curt Ziegra, 30th August 1915 (36)

Curt Ziegra 1878 – 1946

I collected this rough sketch of an Obertilliach house with a sundial, by the artist Curt Ziegra, in about 1980 – from an auction, I think? I’m beginning to love it.

Curt Ziegra was a German painter, draughtsman, and illustrator who was born in Düsseldorf on the 20th September 1878. He studied at The Berlin Academy of Arts, Dresden, and Weimar. He was part of the very early Weimar movement – In 1907 Ziegra exhibited at the former Grand Ducal Museum, now the Neues Museum Weimar (exhibition of young Weimar artists).

Ziegra contributed illustrations to the literary-artistic magazine, Light and Shadow (licht und schatten – published in Munich and Berlin, weekly then monthly).

The Sketch, Obertilliach, is dated: 30th August 1915 – obviously during the First World War, 1914-1918. Ziegra served (I believe, but not fully confirmed) in The Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment (Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leib Regiment) as a regimental draughtsman – he would have been responsible for drawing maps and diagrams used by the regiment. In 1916 he exhibited at the Academy of the Arts, Berlin, ‘War Painting’, so he was clearly a war artist too.

Colonel Franz Epp – 16th October 1868 – 31st January 1947. By Curt Ziegra

Between 1916 and 1917 Ziegra’s war paintings were used in a series of ‘remembrance postcards’ (Military WW1 Postcards) for The Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment. Franz Epp, later Franz Ritter von Epp, received the Bavarian Military Order of Max Joseph on 23rd June 1916 – I think he is wearing the medal in Ziegra’s painting?

Between the wars Ziegra appears to have been painting around Garmisch-Partenkirchen southern Germany (Bavaria). In 1942 he lived in Hamburg, then Gauting, near Munich.

Curt Ziegra died on 14th November 1946, aged 68, in the beautiful lakeside town of Tegernsee, Bavaria.

Obertilliach 1st January 1916 – The White War

I’ve been wondering if one of these gentlemen in this Fantastic photograph is either Curt Ziegra or Franz Epp? Note the water fountain laying down, in the sketch it’s standing, also, you get a clearer image of the sundial in the photograph.

Obertilliach is a municipality in the district of Lienz in Tyrol, Austria. It is located between the Carnic Alps and the Lienz Dolomites. In 1915 Obertilliach, because of its geographic position (South Tirol), played its part in the German and Austro-Hungarian forces effort against the Italians. Called the Dolomite Front, but ultimately: The White War, 1915-1917, it was treacherous, and extremely cold. The Austrians took the high ground, and the front unchanged until Italian retreat after the Battle of Caporetto (19th November 1917)!

Photograph credit: Obertilliach. ÖNB/Wein, The Austrian National Library. Image Archive. Inv.No: WK1/ALB006/01708. I believe the image to be: Creative Commons – Public Domain Mark 1.0 CC0

My Thoughts on the US Election

Save America - Donald 'Rocky Balboa' Trump

Save America – Donald ‘Rocky Balboa’ Trump

A couple of friends have said to me, and I paraphrase, “I thought you said Trump was going to win.” The happiness in their voices unable to mask the Trump Derangement Syndrome warbling through.
“The result certainly wasn’t what I expected – Are you pleased Beijing Biden won?” I answered.
“Oh yes. Very.” That’s when I knew I needed to write this blog post – Here are my thoughts on the US election.

I’ve got to admit, I don’t know that much about American politics, but I’ve been following Tarl ‘Styx’ Warwick (Styxhexenhammer666), an American political analyst of some note, for about six years. He produces three or four, short videos daily, so I hope I’ve learnt something! Anyway, it’s Styx that I’ve been listening to.

On 2nd November 2020, the day before the election, Trump was running at about a 45% approval rating, which was one or two points short according to Styx. However, he predicted with a high degree of confidence that Trump would win. The main points in Trumps favour being: the enthusiasm gap, the various highly negative comments that Beijing Biden had made about fracking in Pennsylvania, and an indication from early voting in Florida, which was leaning towards Trump. Styx would have given Trump a 99% chance of winning, like he did in 2016, had it not been for the obvious occurrences of rigging, vote harvesting, and ballot fraud – e.g. Project Veritas’ video of voter fraud in Minnesota, cash-for-ballots scheme, 28 Sept 2020.

Styx wasn’t expecting Trump to do as well as he did in 2016, he did expect Big Tech to step in and do what ever they could to screw with the election – because Big Tech had been censoring and removing Trump supporters from social media platforms by the tens of thousands in the run up to the 2020 Election. What we were seeing was a forerunner of what was to come: Big Tech’s freedom of speech purge.

The ultimate prediction, based on: low Dem turn-out, the enthusiasm gap, and dodgy polls, was that Trump would win!

At one end of the scale, if you were a Beijing Biden supporter, you wouldn’t have been surprised by the result. Beijing Biden was strongly predicted to win by the mainstream media (MSM) and they called the election early, as if it had been cleanly won. Styx was incandescent. At the other end of the scale, if you were a Donald Trump supporter, it would have felt like the election was obviously stolen and the MSM were refusing to acknowledge and report the fraud. Election anomalies were surfacing by the hour. At the outset, early on the morning of the 4th, Donald Trump had clearly won the election, but the Establishment (the billionaire oligarchs, Big Tech, MSM, etc.) were Never going to acknowledge the result. And of course this is where it all gets messy!

As a sort of footnote, I was surprised that Boris Johnson congratulated Beijing Biden on his win so quickly, and was saddened he hadn’t waited for the ‘process’ to be completed – at the time it felt like a predetermined response. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, waited until after the Electoral College had confirmed Beijing Biden as the next president on 6th January 2021.

Initially, day one, the general consensus among the Trump supporters was that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) should get involved, and call the election for Trump. But, SCOTUS never got involved, it didn’t happen. Even at the eleventh hour, just before the Electoral College vote, when the Supreme Court dismissed a Texas ‘doomed from the start’ lawsuit to overturn the election results in four states: Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the writing was well and truly on the wall. The line had been drawn under the Beijing Biden win.

I am not going to do a deep dive into the various types of 2020 election fraud, simply because there’s too much, I haven’t got the time, I couldn’t be arsed, and a lot of it is bollocks. The claim that Dominion Voting Systems deleted and/or flipped votes from Trump to Beijing Biden is the most juicy, interesting, and conspiracy theory-esque! It’s a fun one for you to research. It involves:

  1. President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and the attorney Sidney Powell, both of whom are currently being sued by Dominion for $1.3bn in a defamation lawsuit. (Sidney Powell was General Michael Flynn’s attorney, BTW).
  2. A raid by a military unit (supposedly 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, nicknamed the Kraken) that was attached to United States European Command (USEUCOM), on a CIA computer facility in Frankfurt, Germany. The servers belonged to the CIA, and not Dominion or Scytl as originally reported. The raid was conducted without the knowledge of the CIA or the FBI, to recover ‘extremely compelling’ data detailing vote switching. Someone said on Twatter that CIA head, Gina Haspel, got shot in the arse during the raid – which made me smile!
  3. A prominent witness said in a sworn affidavit that they saw the voting machines connected to the internet. Dominion has denied that its machines were connected to the internet.
  4. Foreign interference in 2020 election: Canada, China, Germany, Iran, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Spain have all been mentioned! Sidney Powell filed a letter with the SCOTUS on 13th Dec 2020, informing them of new evidence on Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment. The letter detailed affidavits from forensic experts who alleged: foreign interference occurred in the 2020 election, and Dominion machines were connected to foreign systems around the world. Dominion has denied that its machines were connected to the internet.
  5. An Italian whistleblower at Leonardo SpA (a multinational co. in Pescara, Italy, specialising in aerospace, defence, and security), admitted hacking to alter votes in the 2020 U.S. election. An Italian Judge, professor and lawyer, Alfio D’Urso, gave testimony on the whistleblower’s involvement in the alleged switching of votes from Trump to Beijing Biden via military satellite.

That’s enough of that!

Anyway, my two friends who were pleased when Beijing Biden won, haven’t yet grasped the magnitude of corruption coming down from the Establishment who *fixed the election – such was their joy. The asterisk inauguration of Beijing Biden was a farce, BTW. However, the hundreds of thousands of conservatives who have been deplatformed and lost their right to free speech in a public square, fully understand what’s happening and will not be silenced or dampened. They aren’t going anywhere.

2 Reasons Why I Will Vote Leave

adolf hitler

Vote Leave #VoteLeave – it’s got nothing to do with WW1, WW2 or Adolf Hitler

Vote Leave on June 23

1. The main reason why I will Vote Leave on June 23 in the EU referendum is Greece! Greece is a great example of EU bollocks from the moment they applied to join. And the way that Germany has been allowed to get away with treating Greece so badly is almost criminal. Ordinary people like myself, can never fully understand the financial machinations of the EU because of the total lack of transparency. And with that in mind: The end result for Greece being: German and French banks benefiting from the EU bailouts that were intended to support the people of Greece! It seems to me that the EU commissioners and bankers are acting like the Borgias! Is this an example of EU social justice (I bet Anthony Wedgwood Benn is turning in his grave) – let’s look after the banks and bankers so the Euro doesn’t disappear up its own arse? Of course, the EU orders Britain to pay its share of the Greek bailout!

David Cameron: “I have sympathy for Greece, but it’s not for the UK to bail it out as we are not a member of the Euro Area.”

Angela Merkel: “For you Dave ze war is over; pay up und shut up.”

David Cameron: “Immediately mein Chancellor.” Clicks’ heels, nods’ head, puts’ left index finger between top lip and nose, et cetera et cetera.

1. My equal top reason I’ll Vote Leave is Project Fear and the establishment and media conspiracy to scare the daft British people shitless. (Which seems to be working!) Why are we SO under the cosh? Is standing up for an independent Britain, that’s free to trade with the so called global village – that every hippy talked about in the early 70s –  politically incorrect and tantamount to hanging an English flag out of ones window?

Then there are the mountain of lies about trade, the economy, house prices, jobs, security, the NHS, immigration, etc., the list is long – and it’s all creative-guesswork.

Seems to me that it’s not Great Britain, it’s Feeble Britain, “Ooh Betty, they said I might possibly lose £2,200 by 2020.”

1. My third equal top reason why I’ll be Voting to Leave is: I believe the EU undermines our wonderful and much envied British Democracy. Faceless, almost nameless, unelected EU commissioners make laws in secret that effect and treat all EU member states exactly the same. The ‘little man’, the ordinary person, wherever we are within the European Union doesn’t really get much of say at all, apart from voting for our MEP – who mainly don’t give a shit because they’ve got their snouts in the EU trough.

And can you imagine countries like Spain, for example, giving Catalonia an independence referendum like Scotland had on 18 September 2014? That is great British Democracy at work.

BTW, you have read Animal Farm (by George Orwell, pub. 1945) haven’t you?

2. I will Vote Leave to support the regeneration of British farming and fisheries. The Common Agricultural Policy is a typical EU subsidies con weighted in favour of French farmers – there I said it!

François Hollande: “UK farmers can go fuck themselves, apples Français are crunchier.”


I don’t expect you’re old enough to remember Le Crunch and the beginning of the decline of the UK apple industry. (Which I feel is symbolic of UK farming in general.) As soon as the common market opened up in the mid 1970s the out-for-a-profit supermarkets poured French Golden Delicious down our bloody throats. And because we’re guided by our wallets and not our brains, we allowed our apple and tree-fruit farming industry slip into decrepitude.

And if you’re thinking about cider apples and craft cider making, get real, it’s an industry run by the ‘big boys’ like the Dutch company Heineken, and not some Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall-esque, old Etonian from Gloucestershire.

The UK fishing industry went exactly the same way. I suppose it all started with the ‘Cod Wars’ in the late 1950s early 1960s (concerning the waters surrounding Iceland), no history lesson here, but it went on until we joined the common market in the mid 1970s (it ended in 1976).

Enter stage right the Common Fisheries Policy. When Iceland achieved its overall goal of protecting its waters, the fisheries policy of the EU meted out quotas and opened up the UK waters to the rest of Europe. The UK fishing industry was almost totally fucked! Obviously the CFP has been heavily criticised by UK fishermen, most of whom I expect to Vote Leave.

I could go on and on, yeah, I know I’m rambling, however they are the main reasons I will vote leave: Greece, sovereignty, democracy and my beloved cod & chips washed down with a bottle of Gwynt Y Ddraig’s Black Dragon cider.

What does TMO stand for?

A client asked me today, “What does TMO stand for?” (Rugby World Cup 2015) TMO stands for: Television Match Official or they’re called the Video Referee! Basically, what they do is, the TMO rules on what the referee asks him to, and he can only rule on that – he can’t spot mistakes and draw the referee’s attention to them!