How Street Style Photographers Make Money | Fashionista

How Street Style Photographers Make Money | Fashionista – A interesting article by Alyssa Vingan for all you budding street photographers out there.
St George Street
Just around the corner from Vogue House (Hanover Square), a much photographed innocent looking doorway in St George Street, how many street photography opportunities have passed by here? …I’ve seen a few!

If you’re a budding, young photographer thinking of going into street style fashion photography; you may think that street style is relatively new? Maybe that’s because street fashion photographers also tend to be bloggers, and blogging has only been popular since around 2000! But no, street style fashion photography has been around for ages. Here is one of the BEST archives I’ve seen: My Dad’s Photos (John Hendy photography) via @SimonHendy – they’re Awesome Simon :)

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