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This Website is the personal Website for Ian Robson, freelance session hairdresser and stylist. There are no tricks, Flash, Shockwave or graphical gimmicks as I am not trying to impress (more like bore the arse off) anyone. It is just a collection of various hair, beauty and fashion information created for my clients and presented in a simple format with (as I have already said) minimal graphics. My design philosophy is simple! The main part of this website is now the weblog; which will contain all the sex, politics, religion and philosophy of fashion and hairdressing that I shouldn't be talking about!


The only problem you should encounter is a broken link. Reports of broken links are always welcome. Code or spelling related problems are not always welcome!

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David Oliver Creasey
Cradle Cap - infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Organic Baby Shampoo - how to shampoo your organic baby!
Hair Loss After Pregnancy - Postnatal Hair Loss.
Hair Colour and Cancer - an important note for all my clients who colour their hair.
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - C12H25NaO4S does not cause cancer!
Highlights - mainly about the baliage technique.
Wedding Hair Styles - for the most important day in your life!
Links - if you own a hair, beauty or fashion website you could have a link to your website from here.

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