Royal Hairdresser Andre Mizelas Murdered in Hyde Park

André Mizelas and Bernard Greenford Hairdressers Journal 5 Aug 1966

André Mizelas (left) and Bernard Greenford – one salon led to another as they followed client demand – image courtesy of HJi – Hairdressers Journal: 5 Aug 1966. Via (special thanks) Dr. Kim Smith – Fashion Design History & Theory, University of East London.

André Mizelas of Andre Bernard fame has fascinated me for a very long time; so when Salon International tweeted, “If you could sit down with one hairdresser and grill them about their career, inspiration and work, who would it be?” I obviously answered, “Andre Mizelas.”

Hairstyle by Andre Bernard 1962
Hairstyle by Edward Morris ‘top stylist’ Andre Bernard 1962 – image courtesy of HJi – Hairdressers Journal

Even though I trained at Ricci Burns (King’s Road, Chelsea 1973) and knew nothing of Andre Bernard, my first pair of scissors were engraved with the name Andre Bernard; they were presented to me by Robert Lobetta (who’d trained at Andre Bernard). The scissors were too small and too blunt, and I either gave them back to Robert or chucked them away – actually, he may have asked for them back!? Anyway, It was Robert who told me about the Andre Mizelas murder and I’ve been intrigued ever since.

The Andre Mizelas Murder

1967-1968 Signal Red Triumph TR51967-1968 Signal Red Triumph TR5 Publicity Image

Here is what little I know; and just to say, I will be adding more information as I discover it – so please call back!

Andre ‘Harry’ Mizelas (André formally changed his name from Harry to André in February 1965) was one of London’s leading celebrity hairdressers of the 1950s and 1960s. By the age of forty-eight, he was a Court Hairdresser and a partner in the Andre Bernard hairdressing chain, which had around 20 salons and employed more than 400 staff. Andre Bernard’s flagship salon was at 10A Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S (the principal salon within was named The Grafton Room after their Grafton St. salon)!

On the dull and chilly morning of Monday 9th November 1970 at about 08.30 A.M., Mizelas left 29, St Mary Abbots Terrace, Kensington (his Regency style home that he shared with his wife Betty of twenty-five years), in his signal red Triumph TR5 sports car for the twenty-ish minute drive to Old Bond Street, just off Piccadilly.

To start off with, he turned left on to the A315 High Street Kensington, and basically headed East towards Knightsbridge, the A4 and Hyde Park corner, in the busy Monday morning traffic – it’s a very simple and direct drive, from door to door it’s about three miles.

At the traffic lights where Kensington Road crosses the top of Exhibition Road, which is just past the Royal Albert Hall, Mizelas decided to turn left into Hyde Park – I assume because of heavy traffic – (Did he always do this? I shouldn’t think so). And then, once through the gates, he turned almost immediately right into South Carriage Drive, heading in the direction of Park Lane.

Turning left into Hyde Park, I assume, must have caused Mizelas’s killer some consternation, for surely he was standing, waiting by the traffic lights / pedestrian crossing on the other side of Exhibition Road – an easy place to spot Mizelas as he approached, flag him down and kill him? But having seen Mizelas turn left into the park, the killer must have vaulted some railings and ran hell for leather through the trees and bushes to catch Mizelas on South Carriage Drive. A witness said that she saw a man leap from the bushes and wave down the car; “Mizelas stopped so suddenly that I had to break to avoid crashing into the rear of his car.”

Mizelas’s natural reaction on seeing the man running across the road from his right would be to break hard and turn left towards the curb to avoid him. The killer must have run in front of the car waving his hand in a way that said, ‘stop I need to talk to you urgently.’ And he’d make his way quickly around to the passenger door – (Was is unlocked? I shouldn’t think so). Mizelas could have easily leant over, pulled the door-handle backwards to unlock and open the door. The killer would quickly open the door, lean in or squat down, pulling the small semi-automatic pistol from his coat pocket, and say something like, “Andre Mizelas?”
“Yes!” And from very short range with a not very powerful .25 cal. Beretta like pistol – Bang! Bang!

Andre ‘Harry’ Mizelas had been shot twice in the head; firstly in the left forehead and secondly in the left temple at about 08.40 A.M.

A young woman, who was riding her bicycle in the park, discovered the body and alerted a park-keeper, “There’s a man in a red car over there who needs help.” she said and cycled away. The park-keeper found the car parked two feet from the curb with it’s engine still running, and Mizelas slumped over the steering wheel.

Obviously there were all kinds of theories at the time, Robert seemed to think the murder had London Mob written all over it! Unsurprisingly then, East End gangster Nicky “Snakehips” Gerard, son of the notorious London hit-man and gangland boss Alf Gerard, is unofficially attributed with the murder.

It is believed Andre Mizelas owed £100,000 (about £1,500,000 today in 2015) to a South London money lender who gave the contract to Nicky Gerard for £5000 (£73,000 today).

However, there were other theories, one being that Andre was having an affair with one of his clients, maybe she was a gangster’s girlfriend, and the shooting was ‘payback’.

Sort of a Postface

On a very personal note, I’ve got to say that I’m on a learning curve; this blog post is going from an article speculating on André Mizelas’ murder in Hyde Park, to a more rounded account of the fall of the Andre Bernard hairdressing chain – there is nothing, or very little, on the internet to help.

It really comes a no surprise to me that Andre Bernard and Vidal Sassoon were involved in some kind of merger talks. At the time, Sassoon’s were by far the up-and-coming dominant force in the hairdressing world, and they were expanding. I would think Andre Bernard’s were feeling the competition and under pressure, especially at the Old Bond Street salon – old school versus state-of-the-art.

I don’t think it matters whether we call them merger talks or takeover talks, Vidal Sassoon halted procedures on about Friday 6th November 1970, three days before André Mizelas’s murder on the following Monday morning. The merger failed because of a difference of opinion between the powers that be! And it is well reported that Vidal Sassoon said, “I am shocked,” when he heard the tragic news.

The changing face of the hairdressing and fashion industry from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, meant greater competition for salons like Andre Bernard and ultimately, this led to their end!

This notorious murder case remains unsolved.

Bernard Greenford

I think Bernard Greenford was André Mizelas’s original business partner. In 1948 they opened their first Mayfair salon on Grafton Street. Bernard was married to Linda, who was Sybil Burton’s half-sister (Sybil Burton: formerly Williams. finally Christopher (1929-2013), was the actor Richard Burton’s first wife). The connection between Bernard and Richard Burton was important and extremely fortunate.

In The Richard Burton Diaries, Burton talks of Bernard being in a financial predicament; in May 1969, he says: “Bernard is being squeezed out by his snake-in-the-grass partner Andre.” Infuriated, Burton who likes Bernard (but obviously dislikes Andre because he describes him as a, “sneaky jumped-up-jack of a fellow.”), steps up and helps him by giving him £50,000.

Burton had helped ‘Andre Bernard’ from the outset, lending them substantial amounts of money. Burton says, “Without the luck of association, Andre and Bernard would have been Charlie and Harry back in Whitechapel where they started from.” Burton lent ‘thousands’ of pounds to Andre Bernard – I assume to keep them afloat and to help with expansion?

Richard Burton says Bernard was being ‘squeezed out’ in May 1969, but it was around this time that Bernard left, some say that he left Andre Bernard’s in about 1967 – three years or so before André’s death.

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Mizelas

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Mizelas was André’s younger brother, he ran the northern salons and by all accounts he was a well respected hairdresser. Bernie took over when André died. He was married to Jean.

It seems to me that Andre Bernard’s were going through a strange time when André died, especially because of the merger with Sassoons falling through. But Bernie came down to London and managed to sort of keep it going until the company was eventually bought out.

Hearty Thanks and References

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118 thoughts on “Royal Hairdresser Andre Mizelas Murdered in Hyde Park

  1. I was really interested to read your article re. Andre (Harry) Mizelas.
    My parents were great friends of him- firstly my Mother as a customer at Bond Street and therafter my father and he used to play golf, ski and follow Tottenham and England together. I actually persuaded him to buy the TR5 and even went up to the factory to collect it from new and save the delivery charge ! We all went to the ’66 World Cup final together and leaving 5 minutes before the end missed extra time and watched it at his parents house on Hendon Way.
    I’d never heard about any financial problems at all and I know he had built up a property portfolio in Islington.
    Our entire family was interviewed by the police for background info and it always amazed me nothing ever transpired

    • My parents were also friends of Andre and Betty.
      My father had a salon in Knightsbridge called Andre Jules and had known Andre for years. My mother went on a cruise with Betty. I, too, remember the day the police came to the house to question my parents, my father was deeply distressed by his death. He later worked with Bernard for a while at the salon in the Berkeley hotel, these are my only memories. I always thought that it was a “hit” as no one was ever caught or charged.

  2. My dear Brian, very many thanks for taking the time to post such an interesting reply.

    It sounds like you and your family knew him well.

    I pieced my ‘story’ together from what was originally told to me by Robert in 1973-ish, from a myriad of articles and snippets of news posted on the internet, and from my imagination of what I thought the chain of events must have been!

    As someone who knew him and must have been dreadfully shocked by what had happened:
    How do you think I did – did I get near to the truth do you think? Have you got anything to add?

    Have you got a photograph of Andre that I could use in this blog post? I haven’t got one and I can’t find one!!!

    You said, “it always amazed me nothing ever transpired.” And I totally agree with that – what we need is New Tricks (UCOS) on the job!

    Thank you once again Brian, totally brilliant of you to comment :-) x
    ian recently posted…Beginners Guide To Tweaking Your Twitter ProfileMy Profile

    • I worked for Andre Bernard from 1968 till1971 then again from 1974 till 1980. At the time of Andre’s death there were a couple of theories afoot.
      1. That we were to be taken over by Vidal Sassoon and Andre was against this.
      2. He was having an affair with a gangsters wife and the shooting was payback.

    • I can confirm A.B. Head office was at Berkeley st, it was run by a lady called Mrs Todd. When Andre,s brother (Bernard , salon name Richard )took over the running the company the offices were moved to Hatfield.
      Edward Morris was the public face of A.B. doing all The photographic work. When Bond st salon shut a new Mayfair salon was opened at Mount st. Some time afterAndre,s brother took over the running of the company Edward left and opened his own salon at Pont st.
      When I first took over the running of A.B. Southport as a franchise André,s brother Bernard use to come over from the Liverpool salon to show me how to do accounts books, wages, and ordering. He was extremely helpful and patient.
      Before I left Southport and went to Norwich I had a 3month refresher hair cutting course with Mr Paul Mason at the Liverpool salon. He was a natural at teaching cutting techniques, the best hairdresser I ever worked with. Thank you Paul.

      • I worked in the Berkeley Street office when Mrs Todd was running the office. (I had forgotten her name so thanks for the reminder) Andre and Bernard Greenford were frequently in the office.

      • Someone mentioned a stylist called Derek and I believe he was Edward Morris’s brother. I did a couple of Miss World competitions with him and also met up with him at Jo Hansford’s salon in Mount St where he worked as an independent.

  3. Thank you for the comment Marian :-)
    Yes, Sassoon was going to ‘take over’ Andre Bernard, but he pulled out at the last minute. Some say that this left Andre unable to pay a debt!

    I’d heard about the affair theory, but I’ve a strong feeling that it’s untrue – on the other hand if you’ve got any inside info…

    Marian, have you got, or can you point me in the direction of a good picture of Andre Mizelas? I’d love one on here.

    Thanks again xXx

  4. I worked for Andre Bernard for a short time in 1962. I was in the office in Berkeley Street and saw him regularly. Although I have nothing of value to add I’m afraid, I was, and still am, very intrigued, the by sad event.

  5. Dear Brenda, very many thanks for your comment, really appreciate that :-) x
    When I search Google images for Andre Bernard or Andre Mizelas, I can’t find a picture of him. Brenda, darling, can you? I’d love to include an image of Andre (Harry) Mizelas here on this blog post.

    Thanks again xXx
    ian recently posted…Social Media RelationshipsMy Profile

    • Hi Ian,
      I am sorry I am unable to supply a picture of Harry Mizelas. Have you sourced any old hairdressing magazines or style books. I know there was a magazine published around that time which printed bits of news about the Mayfair hairdressers. I vaguely remember one of their top stylists being featured.
      I have found (among my bits of memorabilia) a reference from them when I left. It is on their headed paper and the address for the admin office was 16 Berkeley Street.
      One thing I do remember (a bit of gossip here!) is that I was there when the Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor ‘affair’ began. Bernard Greenford (the other Director in the company) was married to Sybil Burton’s sister. I am sure you probably already knew that but I do remember there was a bit of an awkward atmosphere!
      Good luck in your search.

      • Thanks SO much Brenda for that reply. Yes that’s a good idea about looking in old mags and books. I asked Hairdressers Journal, but they couldn’t help! I’m really surprised there’s not one out there.

        16 Berkeley Street, thanks, what a brilliant place to go to work.

        Well we all (us hairdressers) love a bit of gossip. No I didn’t know that about Bernard Greenford, because I don’t know very much about Andre Bernard’s. I Googled “Bernard Greenford” and found a VERY interesting reference in the The Richard Burton Diaries May 1969 page 289. Saying that Greenford had been squeezed out by Mizelas. More interesting food for thought, I may end up editing this blog post :)

        Thank you again Brenda xXx

        • There is something very odd about Andres murder and it still being a current investigation and yet the files are dlosed to sdrutiny. My guess is the masons or the mafia are in deep on this one. No way could the killing still be such a secret. The reason you can’t find photos is possibly because Andre had a very prominent birthmark on his face. I have a friend who worked for him in one of the London salons in the late 1950’s. I shall find out more.

  6. Ian, what a very interesting read in that article! Mr B didn’t have a very good opinion of Harry Mizelas to say the least! Obviously I didn’t know him very well but I thought he had a very imposing presence, quietly spoken and pleasant to me inasmuch as I was the very junior person out of the three members of staff in the office.
    I will follow your postings with interest. x

  7. I worked in Mayfair mount st 94 and all the hotels we had salons was a good time when we opened Croydon wot a time we had fashions shows we put on

  8. It has been suggested to me by Mandy J., that André’s business partner was his brother Bernard Mizelas? However, I am unable to corroborate this information further. When André Mizelas and Bernard Greenford opened their first Grafton Street salon in 1948, André would have been about 26 and Bernard Mizelas would have been about 18? Who is Bernard Mizelas? Was he Andre’s younger brother?

    • Ian, I’m pretty sure that this Bernard Mizelas doesn’t exist. As I said in my email to you, I think it was a misunderstanding and the only Bernard was Bernard Greenford.
      However, if my theory is proved wrong, I would like to hear about it and I would apologise for misleading you!


      • Well I must admit Brenda, I have to agree with you darling, however, let’s see if Mandy comes up with the info., I’ve sent her an email, waiting on the reply now! xXx

      • I can assure you that Bernard Mizelas did exist. He was my boss at Andre Bernard Liverpool, their most successful salon outside London. A good stylist in his own right and someone who really knew how to run a big salon (3000sg ft). Sadly he died some years ago and I attended his funeral.

          • You’re welcome Ian. By the way, I think it also important to say that the “Andre Bernard” look in hair was the creation of Edward Morris, a very talented innovator in hairdressing. Credit where it is due

          • When you say, “the ‘Andre Bernard’ look in hair was the creation of Edward Morris,” do you mean: the photograph that I posted or in general?

  9. Well!, I stand corrected. Quite a coincidence that he should also have a business partner named Bernard. (As in Bernard Greenford). I suppose there is no reason why I would have known anything about his siblings. Who supplied this info.?

    • The photo you put up is I believe by Edward who produced the vast majority of the photo hair work of AB. And yes, he was in general the the “face” of the AB image in magazines and general publicity. A charming and friendly “cool” guy who was a contemporary of Vidal and they knew each other well I believe.

  10. My grandmother’s maiden name was Mizelas. She was the aunt of Harry (Andre) and Bernard Mizelas. Some information about the origins of the Mizelas family can be found on the following page of my website:
    According to the National Archives, Richard Burton was interviewed by the police after Andre’s death. The records are closed and are not due to be opened for many years. I applied for them to be opened under the Freedom of Information Act but was turned down as the case is apparently not closed!

  11. Hi Bryan, very many thanks for your comment. I had visited your website a couple of years ago when I originally researched this blog post – very interesting.

    One of your ‘relations’ Mandy J., contacted me about three weeks ago regarding Bernie Mizelas, which made me do a little more investigation – there’s more to do to flesh out this blog post.

    Thanks again Bryan

  12. I worked for Andre Bernard in Heswall and Peterborough over a period of 20 years and I worked with Bernards son who we called Joseph but real name was Michael as there was another Michael in the salon his name had to be changed.So yes Bernard did exist.

  13. Hello Ian,
    I worked for Andre Bernard from 1971 till 1991.I found it was one the best times they were interesting times and fun to work for.So many happy memories.It was in the days when clients had respect for you although some were difficult.
    Now I live in Spain and you would never have guessed one day a client came into the salon who worked for John Snelling an ex regional manager of A Bs.he covered East Anglia.

    • Yes I remember John as I worked at both Bury St Edmunds and the Ipswich branches from 1968 till 70and again in 1974 till 1981 where I was one of the few female managers of the group .
      Great fun to work there , so many staff!
      I had a 60 th birthday party a few years ago and several AB people came along .Good times
      Marian Cocksedge nee Gorham .

        • I can remember the day of the murder Mr Charles our area manager coming into the staff room to make the announcement . We all thought we were about to be made redundant following a rumoured take over by Vidal Sasoon . To be told he had been murdered was such a shock and in all the papers for weeks .
          Certainly gave us something to discuss with the clients .

      • hi i remember you, Richard uster here ,i worked in ipswich for a year or 2 early 80s along with melanie sunshine , i went onto garlands norwich and now live a Sydney Australia , been here for 35 years owning a successful salon here … remember paul mason ???

    • Hello Paul

      Nice to hear the name John Snelling again. He was the Liverpool manager before me and after Andre was killed and his brother Bernard Mizelas took the helm in London, John was sent to Andre Bernard Tokyo at least I think that was the time frame. I was very friendly with John and his wife who also worked at one time for AB. He went on later to work with Robert Zacham in Croydon but I don’t think that worked out too well for him. Sadly I believe he is no longer with us but I don’t know any details. Perhaps someone else does.

      • I worked for Andre Bernard in Edinburgh from its opening in 1971 to 1984. I remember Bernard Mizelas visiting our salon on two occassions, putting the fear of god in all the staff. John Snelling is another top name that use to come up to visit a few times. Our first Manager was Ralph Crook and was replaced after three years by Harvey Baum who worked in the Tokyo salon.
        I did meet with a Paul Mason and did a show in Liverpool with him and a workshop in Croydon I think. Great memories.
        I think the Edinburgh salon closed in 1986 and have always wondered what happened to such a large chain

    • Hi I worked for Andre Bernard in 1976 in Winchester and stayed for over 12 years it was a very large salon and very posh with over 13 stylist what great days angela

  14. I did my apprenticeship in the Grafton and Bond St salons starting in 1963. I have nothing to add to your interesting article except that I have been searching for Christine, one of the stylist I was apprenticed to for one and a half years. She was a really sweet and generous person and a great stylist who taught me everything I know today. She made a huge difference in my life and If anyone knows of her and can help me get in touch with her that would be wonderful. I want to say that her maiden name was Barrett, but I could be mistaken and mine was Joy (Gandy)
    Andre often popped into the salon and if I recall he sometimes styled the odd client, but it was definitely Mr Edward who was the star. At the end of my apprenticeship Mr Edward offered me a 3 year contract which was a huge surprise and honour. After much thought I turned it down to travel the world, using my hair dressing skills in every country I lived in. Keeping my fingers crossed someone can help me find Christine.

    • Hi Joy
      Just read your comment and I have to say I couldn’t agree more about Edward. He was exceptional and although I was in AB’s Liverpool I met and spoke to him many times.

  15. I was involved with Edward at the time and also had Harriet boutique in the Bond Street salon …I am writing about it now. I was told that Andre was gay and he was a big gambler..he ran up debt in Paris and it was the MAFIA that did the ‘hit’ ..who knows what is true but there was a lot of MAFIA activity around then…we believed that Andre knew the person that shot him because his sports car was parked and stopped…I drove past the spot at about 8.15 and Andre was murdered at 8.30!!!!!

    • Very many thanks for your interesting and tantalising comment Wendy.

      You’re writing about it? Please tell me more :)

      BTW, how do you think this blog post reads, does it sound about right to you?

      Thanks again Wendy xXx

  16. interesting. i’ll be mentioning andre/harry again in passing in my next book. my mother and i shared bedsit rooms around ‘ 55 with andre and betty. the first one south of maida vale; the second on eton avenue. things were looking up ! last time i saw him he was close to another part of the 31 bus route , in a mansion block above high street ken where we all viewed a cup final game on his massive shrine of a TV.
    betty reminded me of bernie madoff’s wife.
    my mother was thrilled to be interviewed by the police following hyde park.
    very best, andrew loog oldham

    • Very many thanks for your comment Andrew. Writing this blog on Andre has been a most enjoyable journey, especially when it means hearing from you, I’ve read some of Stoned :) Cheers


    Hi Ian

    Really interesting piece

    I was brought up in Bury St. Edmunds where AB had a very prominent salon on the Cornhill. I think my mother was a client but would need to confirm that with her.

    A few bits and pieces…

    For London Gazette pages you may need to highlight address and then open with a new link rather than open in Google.

    Harry Mizelas…. change of name which I’ve just seen you already have but for those that like to view these things.

    thegazette co uk/London/issue/43777/page/9130
    Notice of Death (also shows solicitors handling his estate)
    thegazette co uk/London/issue/45344/page/3861
    Harry Mizelas shown as personal representative of a Doris Baker (deceased)

    thegazette co uk/London/issue/44234/page/960
    Here are some official notifications from the London Gazette in 1966 showing “winding up” notifications for some of the AB branded businesses. They appear (not unusually) to be independent companies. There are many, many search references in the Gazette for Andre Bernard, this is just one page. The accountants mentioned are now part of BDO UK. Not sure if they would or could help you on the business side after all these years.

    thegazette co uk/London/issue/43956/page/4782
    2 (one day to be) famous apprentices
    express co uk/comment/expresscomment/446143/Beer-and-blood-shampoos-with-my-friend-Lewis-Collins

    Jimmy Tarbuck also spent a couple of years there as well … same salon?.

    In “The Mammoth Book of Bizarre Crimes” by Robin Odell the author states that the car was moved by police from the murder scene BEFORE forensic examination had taken place and that the car was also covered in fingerprints from those wanting to help at the scene. Not helpful.

    Best regards


    • Very Many Thanks for your interesting comment Stuart. I’ve [edited] it, as you will be aware!
      No offence meant to you at all.


    • Lewis Collins, of the tv show “The Professionals” was an apprentice at AB Liverpool as was Jimmy Tarbuck and also Michael McCartney (Paul’s brother!) This was during the famous Merseybeat era of Rock n Roll bands in Liverpool out of which came the Beatles, the Scaffold ( Michael Mc as mentioned above was in the Scaffolds). Before getting into TV and the movies, Lewis Collins was in a Merseybeat group called the Mojos, he sadly passed away in Los Angeles a few years ago. I was at AB Liverpool a year or so later.

      • Clarification: I was at AB’s a year or so after Lewis Collins etc, not a year or so after his death!

          • Hello Karen Wilson are you Janet pat wilson who I worked with from 76 to about 84/85 at AB. Liverpool & had a fella Pete ‘ if you’re not can you help ..trying to contact them thanks regards Paul mason. Wigan

          • Hello Karen, I don’t know why I only see some posts like yours months or a year later but it’s nice to hear from you. Hope you’re ok. All the best, Franklyn.

  18. My goodness Ian, this goes on and on! Fascinating stuff but I still would love the answer to why he was murdered, but it seems that this is never going to happen!
    Kind regards, hope you are well.
    Brenda C x

    • The answer may be easier (or not) once the police records are released in about 20 years time.
      Meanwhile, as a little extra information on a separate but related matter, Andre’s brother Bernard Mizelas spent a little time in his youth in the merchant navy before becoming a hairdresser himself.
      Worth mentioning that occasional suggestions to be found online that the Mizelas family were Greek in origin are completely incorrect. The Mizelas family were Jewish from that part of what is now Poland but was in the 19th century Austrian Galicia.

      • Thank you very much for that Bryan K. Actually, I’m surprised how little information there is on the internet about Andre Bernard (the salon) and Andre Mizelas, considering how big the salon was in the late sixties.

    • It certainly is all most fascinating Brenda. We’re well this end thank you, a little too hot for me though; hope you’re well too xXx

  19. I started as an apprentice at Andre Bernard Bond St in July 1965 aged 15. My parents paid £100 for my acceptance, My wage was £2.-1/6d and my weekly train fare £3, fortunately the tips were good. It really was swinging 60’s and the gay scene was still very much under wraps but I was well aware of situation as was junior to a couple of gay stylists. Great times there and in 1966 I had become a more senior apprentice and would often assist Mr Edward and Mr Andre. Mr Greeford only appeared at the salon a couple of times over my 4 years there.My name was changed at employment to Richard due to my own name being Bernard. I would often go out with stylists to work at our satelite salons in Claridges hotel or Champneys health farm. Also go on photo shoots to Kings Rd studios for Queen,Harpers, Vogue, etc and be with top models such as Celia Hammond.
    These models would also come to the salon and one day we were given a select few invitations to the opening of a Beatles nightclub in Vine St. Boy does this sound weird, look up; Beatles Conspiracy Sibyllas Nightclub; I was only 16 but in a world of many hush hush goings on.
    Well after 3 years I was taken on as a stylist and spent one year in Bond St under a new name of Adam, chosen by Edward as we had a Richard already.
    Mr Edward had a younger brother working here as a stylist Derek but he was called Morris as there was a Derek there aleady.
    Our clients included Duchess of Norfolk, Mrs Mullion, race horse owner, Jean Rook from Daily Mirror, King Faizals daughters, Cleo Lane who used one of our private booths, Ursula Andress to name a few and Lady Trefgarne who introduced me to a new job in Nassau Bahamas in 1969.
    I did laugh with Mr Andre as he left World cup in 66 before the end, I lived in Wembley and entered tge football stadium when they opened the gates 5 mins before the 90mins, so I saw the extra time.

    • Hi Richard, just been looking for any info much on Andre Bernard Bond Street in the 1960’s and very little information considering it was so much part of ‘the scene’ at the time. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I do remember you as a ‘junior’ that went on to be a stylist. I was ‘Sarah’ – not my real name, but I have such happy memories of working there with Mr. Edward and Peter Bright, Mr David and Colin etc., at 10a Old Bond Street. When Andre used to come, usually on a Friday. once a week, he would want me to be his Junior. Have to say that even then, I sensed he had troubles. Love to hear back. Kind regards, Jenny

    • Hi, I remember you Richard as a junior. I too did an apprenticeship at the same time at 10a Old Bond St., (Sarah), and yes, they were very exciting, interesting times. Such characters, Mr. Edward, Mr David (Manager), Peter, Colin, Steven, etc., Andre would have me as his ‘junior’ when he came in on a Friday. He did become increasingly grumpy I would notice as an eighteen years old. I left at nineteen for family reasons, but I have often wondered after Andre’s demise, what happened to the very talented hairdressers of Old Bond Street salon.

  20. In reply to Bernard Palmer who mentions Edward’s brother Derek. I knew him and on the few occasions we met (I was in Liverpool, he was in London) I always found him friendly and worked with him when ABs were the chosen hairdressers at two Miss World contests in the seventies. Linda Carter was Miss USA there who of course went on later to be Wonder Woman on tv. Great times. Bumped into him again at the Jo Hansford salon (then in Mount Street directly opposite where the AB salon was located!) where I went for an update colour course quite a few years later. He was I think operating there as an independent.

  21. Hello everyone ‘ my name is Paul mason ‘ i Knew a lot of you in our time Hello Franklyn & Marion Paul heaps & Richard ‘ I started with AB. in 1967 wigan salon ‘ Harvey Baum my manager’ Andre came to the salon 2 times as did Bernard Greenford ‘ Andre’s brother Bernard ‘ we called him Richard ‘ he lived in fresh fields near Southport with Jean ‘ I used to wash Richards jag car & Andre’s car when they came down ‘ Richard came down a lot ‘ he was friendly with Harvey’ as Franklyn said he was in Liverpool salon most of the time ‘ yes when Andre was murdered Richard took over ‘ I went over to the Liverpool salon to finish my apprenticeship 68’ : In 73 I left and joined Vidal Sassoon in Manchester & London and was under the wing of Trevor sorbie : I came back to AB. in 76 to Liverpool there was the exodus of a lot of staff ,,,,,,,,,, Richard & Franklyn went of to open rival salon in Liverpool : successful I think : Franklyn like myself I believe you had arthritis.. contact me we will have a drink : Back to Andre : of course we all had our ideas ,,,, who murdered him : there was an amazing colourist in Liverpool ; Mrs Graham : no longer with us ; she and Richard used to go to watch Everton on Saturday afternoons : in later years we discussed andres murder : she and I had very strong opinions ; I then worked all over AB salons countrywide training ; doing workshops and shows : amazing times : hello again paul Marion Richard god bless you all : to finish ; I would particularly like to contact Pat (Janet) Wilson and Pete ; her fella: are you around . Pat when I was based in Liverpool became manager 77/78 : can anyone help . Thank you everyone what a life ,,,,,Paul ( mason ) xx

      • Hi Franklyn good to hear from you. Yes we will meet up . Get lockdown eased a little more . I’ll leave you my landline number . Give me a call / leave message . I’ll come back to you 01257 421674 . and I’m sure we can come up with more info for Ian re Andre . Gloria ,,, i was totally in love with her ?. Regards Paul.

        • Hi Paul,
          It’s your old apprentice, how are you?
          You are the best cutter of hair I ever worked with, bar myself of course!! And it was a privilege to be taught by you, thank you.
          There is also a generation of hairdressers taught by me that have never known yourself, that also have you to thank for the level of discipline etched into their approach to hair cutting.
          I sold my salons back in 2003 and moved to sunny Cornwall with my young family and these days renovate property and paint(art not walls)
          I often wonder how you are? and it would be great to hear from you.
          Did you manage to get hold of Pat, you will probably remember I was head junior then, I liked Pat we used to have a laugh.
          I used to keep in touch with Chris (Toni) but I haven’t seen her since we moved.
          Mike Woods used to also work for me (Lee) I think he is still cutting hair, are you?
          I wonder if Paul Heaps remembers me, we used to catch the train together when he lived in Prescot, I was known as David to him. Same old story you pitch up for work fresh from school, they already have a Philip and suddenly I became David.

    • Yes I remember you Paul . You came to Ipswich when I was manageress there . Mr.Charles was our area manager .
      I was with Andres as a junior at the Bury St Edmunds salon in 1968 then later was manageress of Ipswich in 1975 . Worked for Steiners and Loreal too .
      Retired now which I guess you are too !

      • Marion. Hello you were a fab leader of people . You did a fine job as manageress . Really enjoyed my time with you all . and of course Charles and Jasmine and Adrian . some lovely stories & memories . and the Belstead Brook Fab , Take care Paul xx

    • Hello Paul , it,s adrian. Hope you are well, have only just found your messages after searching André Mizelas in google last night. There is so little on the internet about a.b. Such a shame. I started my apprenticeship the weekend a.b.moved into the Fred Astaire and Anna Neagle ballrooms at 10a old bond st. We spent the weekend moving everything from the salons at Grafton and Dover st ,they were only 100yards apart, including the dressing tables and chairs from Grafton st. Bond st.consisted of two sprung floor ballrooms,with numerous other rooms for shampooing, tinting,perming,dispensary,laundry,and offices, there was also Harriet boutique in reception and a cloak room. 20 stylists,Mark,Colin,Stephen,Aron,Maurice( Edward,s brother real name Derek),Philip,Peter,Jeanette,Mary,, 20 apprentices James, Alex,Sharron,5 tinter permers Esther3receptionist,s 1 tricologist Audrey 2 cloakroom attendants Maud. Malcolm was staff manager,when he left David was promoted. I apologise to all those whose names after 57 years I can’t quite recall.

      • Hello Adrian, just seen your post and you reminded me of so much I had forgotten. We were apprenticed together, although I am racking my brain to recall how you looked. I also remember moving everything over as well. I had been in the Grafton Salon for about a year apprenticed to Christine. After we moved and yes now I recall it was sprung floors etc. etc. and a beautiful place on the first floor I think, with a large windows facing out to the street. Rita was one of the receptionists tall, slim with red hair and dear Maud. James and I had a small fling! I have some photos of us together taken in a photo booth. We also had a cubby hole/ kitchen where we collected food for our clients and I can see the face of the guy who ran the kitchen but his name escapes me. Didn’t we call the dispensary ‘Jankers’ where we hated doing duty? We also had a sort of spa area which is where Audrey was, along with private cubicles where Cleo Lane would sit. I remember Mr. Peter became quite sick when he caught shingles and was away for about a month or so. I was probably the least popular apprentice (not sure why) and while Christine and I formed a very close bond, when we moved to Old Bond St, Mr. Edwards decided that apprentices should be moved every 6 months to a different stylist. Everyone groaned quietly when they got me!! Philip I’m pretty sure was a senior apprentice and you missed out Christine’s name whom Philip adored, do you remember Christine? She was a very quiet and a gentle sweet young women, who would blush at the slightest thing. She had long hair which she always wore up and even though I was never to be her apprentice again she invited me to her wedding two years after we had moved to Old Bond St. I have been searching for her which is difficult because I do not know her last name, but if you have any recollections of her or information as to how I can find her that would be wonderful. My name was never changed I am Joy and I was known as Joy. I had dark frizzy hair which was first straightened in the Grafton St salon by Esther, do you remember me or Christine? I have a feeling that many years later I was walking along Bond St or somewhere in that area and we bumped into each other and had a quick chat? Or it may have been Richard…
        Joy recently posted…Obertilliach by Curt ZiegraMy Profile

    • Hi Paul,
      It’s your old apprentice, how are you?
      You are the best cutter of hair I have ever seen, bar myself of course!! And it was a privilege to be taught by you, thank you.
      There is also a generation of hairdressers taught by me that have never known yourself, that also have you to thank for the level of discipline etched into their approach to hair cutting.
      I sold my salons back in 2003 and moved to sunny Cornwall with my young family, these days renovate property and paint(art not walls)
      I often wonder how you are? and it would be great to hear from you.
      Did you manage to get hold of Pat, you will probably remember I was head junior then, I liked Pat we used to have a laugh.
      I used to keep in touch with Chris (Toni) but I haven’t seen her since we moved down here.
      Mike Woods(Lee) used too also work for me, I think he is still cutting hair, are you?
      I wonder if Paul Heaps remembers me, we used to catch the train together when he lived in Prescot, I was known as David to him. Same old story you pitch up for work fresh from school, they already have a Philip and suddenly I became David.

  22. Hello Ian.
    I came across your blog by chance while looking in the net after people I met on the past. I born and lived most of my life in kibbutz Ramat David in the Jezreel Valley in Israel. (Its name honored David Lloyd George). On 1965 after the Exodus filmed nearby Bernard Greenford appeared in my kibbutz. He says he was sick of Hilton and wants to try working in a real Israeli fields, but after few days of picking fruits in the orchard he gave up working in the sun and asked the managers to do hairdressing instead. He brought few scissors and for a month he played miracles on the rather dry hair of the pioneer’s woman. I was 25 then, young chap after army service who want to make use of his rusty English. Bernard became my friend and we had many talks, where he spoke about his former days on the merchant navy and preach his enthusiastic entrepreneur views about how the kibbutz should use his vacated land for building big factory, which today became reality. We are having one of Israel’s leading metal factory. Before he left he trusted his visiting card into my hand urging me to visit his flagship hairdressing shop in 16 Barkley st. London. A month after he left Bernard fill his promise and a small beauty salon arrived at our kibbutz, with those hair dryer machines, an act that put the kibbutz authorities into problem, as it considered such luxuries without having anybody to operate it, a feat that we also overcome later. On 1965 I sat for my trip through 17 European countries. On July, after the Beatles have their “HELP” performance in Odeon Theater in Piccadilly I climbed into Andre Bernard administration saloon and surprised the royal ladies around with my dirty hitchhiking dress. But I was told Bernard had a holiday in Malta. So sorry I left after leaving there a message, but never heard since. Around 1991 I guess, while eating in my kibbutz dining hall, the door was opened and a short old guy entered followed by entourage of good looking tall females. With his strong voice he was looking for somebody who speaks English. He said he is our Bernard who has few months to live since he is suffering from terminating illness. From all places on earth he wanted to be buried in our graveyard, where after few months the remains of Bernard Greenford was brought in a coffin and with help of few guys he brought into his final rest, not far from my all family. If you send me your email I’ll send you a photo of his tombstone.

    • Hello Paul. Only just seen your message re AB in Liverpool etc. Am now semi retired but still doing a few clients. I occasionally speak with John Crane who became manager of Heswall but is now in the antiques/ auctioneering business. You must remember Gloria who was my junior years ago and I think worked with you when you were a kid junior. Good to hear about you. Take care. Franklyn.

  23. Hi all,
    Does anyone know what happened to Edward Morris and his brother Morris? I was living in Santa Monica, USA in the late70’s and someone told me that Edward had died – was this in fact true?

  24. Sorry to diverse, as this site is concentrated on the demise of Andre Mizelas, but for what it’s worth, from my experience as his ‘junior’ for a year or so at Old Bond Street salon, young as I was, at no time did I get the impression that Andre was gay.

  25. Hello Jennifer,
    In the summer of 1963 I started my apprenticeship at Old Bond Street and vividly remember Andre there, and even more so after we moved to Oxford St, and I agree with you he never ever struck me as gay. By the way do you happen to remember the stylist Christine? I was her ‘junior’ for a year and a half, and I have been searching for her for years. Please contact me if you have any recollections or information about her. Thanks.

    • Hi Joy, I do indeed remember Christine. She used to always work in the same part of the salon at Old Bond Street as Colin. Which was a side bit away from the main salon, which consisted of about four chair spaces. Another stylist, Derek also favoured this area. In her role as a female stylist of the time, I considered her, as a Junior, one of the more very ‘moody’ stylists and avoided at all costs, getting on the wrong side of her.

      • Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for your reply. I am surprised you remember Christine in that light. I’m not sure how long she had been at the salon before I got there in 1963, but she was a brilliant stylist and one of the most gentle, kind and soft spoken human beings I have ever known. For the three years that I knew her, there was never a cross word spoken to me or to anyone else, and she blushed at the slightest thing, so I’m wondering if you have the right person? If you remember those times do you remember me? I am trying to remember a ‘Jennifer’ there with me, but your name does not ring any bells! Are you still in the US because I have been living in the US on and off for the last 35 years.
        Joy recently posted…Obertilliach by Curt ZiegraMy Profile

        • Hi Joy, yes I am so sorry, I do believe I had the wrong person in mind. The lady I was thinking about was nothing like the Christine you described who sounded lovely. I was an apprentice there from 1966 for just under three years and went under the name Sarah. I haven’t lived in the States since 1980. Apologies again for the mix up.

          • Thanks Jennifer, In 1966 I was on my way to India and so I don’t think our paths crossed. I have been searching to find Christine who made such a huge difference in my life when I most needed it. Sadly no one on these posts know or remember her and I think she is now lost to me forever. But I thank you for your replies.

      • Hi Jennifer I suddenly remembered who you are thinking of as I was her junior for 6 months. Her name was Mary and she was moody and hard to work for, and yes she and Colin would work in the side area near the dispensary and the shampoo area. I was also apprenticed to Colin who was a fastidious cutter and would practically cut one strand at a time falling behind and always keeping his clients waiting! what years were you at AB?
        Joy recently posted…Obertilliach by Curt ZiegraMy Profile

        • Joy, yes I was apprenticed also to Colin and my was he a perfectionist and yes, every snip was so carefully orchestrated bless him and he always smelt so gorgeous – his ‘prime’ clients I remember were Lady McAlpine and her daughter and Lady Harewood – a beautiful, elegant lady.

        • Joy, I remember Mary, late one afternoon she fell out with a client and Andre sacked her on the spot, in reception. She opened a salon in partnership with Bernard Greenford( he had left AB by then) and called it Mary B. When Bernard Greenford left AB he visited ALL the salon,s in the country and thanked EVERY staff member for their hard work, at the time I was at Manchester ( Wilmslow) salon. In the 3years I was at Bond st. I can’t ever remember Bernard Greenford coming in, he always seem to be at head office in Berkeley st. The only Philip I remember at Bond St was a stylist and Sharron was his apprentice. I believe that they left and opened a salon called philipsharron somewhere North London.

          • Hi Adrian, Sacking Mary must have happened after I had left, but it sounds just like Mary! You could be right about Philip being a stylist. I have been asking everyone if they remember Christine…do you remember her or know what happened to her? My memory of Bernard is from a Christmas party. I lived in Essex and my best friend Lin had come up for the party. She, James and I were hanging out and we missed the last train home. Bernard offered us his flat in London and also offered to drive us there. I was not sure if he was hitting on me, but we all accepted his invitation. He drove us to his lovely flat, told us to make ourselves at home and left, which was exceedingly kind of him. if you remember Christine or where she went or her surname I would live to hear back from you as I have been searching for her for many years.
            Joy recently posted…Obertilliach by Curt ZiegraMy Profile

  26. Hi This email is for the site originator. Please can you email me. My name is Stephen Mizelas. I am a documentary film maker and would love to find out more. Andre was my Father’s uncle.

  27. Hi Paul. Sorry about that, have had a couple of health issues but would like to hear from you. Will up
    my game ASAP. and get in touch. Regards, Franklyn.

  28. Hello Marian hope you’re good had some great times with you and your team Richard Melanie & of course Adrian Charles & Jasmine . Retired at 65. 3years ago interesting stuff this about Andre .hopefully meeting up with Franklyn who was manager of the Liverpool salon at the time . We both have thoughts regarding this and we could report back to Ian , take care of yourself Marian love Paul (Mason )

    • Hello Mr Paul Mason, when I finished my apprenticeship I went to A.B. Bury st Edmund as a stylist for approx 1year their ,I met my future wife Suzanne who was a stylist at A.B. Ipswich.Mr Ralph was the manager, Brian and Sheila were stylists and David was the tinter permer.We got married and moved to A.B Wilmslow (Manchester).The manager was Allan, stylists were Christoper,Richard,Marjorie. Obviously these salon,s had a lot more staff I just can’t recall all the names and have purposely not used any surnames.After approx 1year I was asked to go to A.B.Southport and help out as they were short staffed and the manager had left. After a few weeks Mr Richard Mizelas manager at A.B. Liverpool (Mr André,s brother real name Bernard)asked me to take on Southport either as a manager or as a franchisee.We decided to take it as a franchise, and had 8 really happy and successful years their building a great team.Reception Jean , Beautician Dianne, Staff manager Adam, stylist,s Craig,Anthony, Philip,John, Suzanne, Jackie,Tinter permer Barbara and Kay, apprentice,Deborah Gaynor, Martin,Kate. Mr John Snelling was the staff manager at Liverpool. It was during this time that MrAndre was murdered. Mr Andre,s brother Richard ( Bernard) went to London and took over the running of the company which at this time was listed on the stock market. After a period of time he started to diversify into other businesses including shopfitting, he changed the stock market listing to Abern Services. Trade at the salons dropped to the point where there was a concern over meeting the wage bill.The company was taken off the stock market and an accountant David took over, André,s brother was given the Norwich and Kings lynn salons but couldn’t keep the trade name and the rest of the company went under the control of David. I was asked to move to Norwich and supervise the fitting out ,opening and running of the new in Garlands Department store . I was there for nearly 2 years but knew I wanted to go back to being my own boss and working with Sue which is what we did for the next 25 years. In the meantime A.B. was sold and soon after closed.

      • How extremely interesting Adrian. Are you able to recall your thoughts at the time of the murder, as in why?

        Many thanks for taking the time to comment :) Regards Ian x

        • Thank you Ian for your work on AB . Initially I would like to reply to Adrian , however certainly not forgetting the reason we are all here . Due to Covid 19 I have not been able to meet up with Franklyn . we have spoken , but we would hope to have some more information about AB . Thank you . Just saying hello to Adrian , wishing him well , and so pleased to have worked with him and known him and his wonderful parents Charles and Jasmine wonderful times god bless Paul .

        • Dear Ian, no problem wish I could help more. I have a Sunday Express dated 13 July 1975 in which there is a 2 page spread about the murder. I have photographed it but not sure how to get to you.

          • Dear Ian,If you could let me have an address I would be more than happy to send newspaper cutting to you.

  29. Hello – Stephen Mizelas here again. Andre was my Dad’s uncle – could i have a chat with the actor of this page please. Here is my website

    I am a documentary maker and would love to find out some more info.

  30. Hi Ian, thank you so much for this very interesting post.

    My late husband and I were very lucky to have known Andre and Betty as friends. My husband was a Hungarian property developer and he met Andre in the mid-60s and they developed some properties together in Islington. My memories of Andre are that he was a total gentleman, charming, kind and generous.

    We were often invited to dinners at St Mary Abbots and we also enjoyed wonderful evenings at the best London restaurants and casinos. Such colourful happy memories.

    We were devastated at Andre’s death and remained good friends with Betty until she moved overseas.

    Andre really was a lovely man and stumbling on your post has sent me back reminiscing on those happy days.

    Thank you


  31. Gosh always wondered what happened to my special friend Michael Mizelas whom I was at college with in Liverpool . Good friend early 1970s . Trying to find him .

  32. Hi my name is Susan, I was an apprentice at the Ipswich salon from 1972. I later went on to run the smallest salon in the group. It was inside the Orwell hotel in Felixstowe.
    I remember when the we would get a visit from head office (Ipswich ) we all thought it was the mafia coming, as two men in black suits would stand outside Mr Charles office they had a meeting inside.
    Marion I remember you did my hair for my wedding in 1976.
    It would be great if there was a film made of this. My son’s partner is a producer !!

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