What Happened To Fashion Photographer Rod Delroy?

Photographer Rod Delroy | Model: Kate Dowson | Hair: Ian Robson | Way In - Harrods 7 August 1981

Photographer: Rod Delroy. Model: Kate Dowson. Hair: Ian Robson.
Fashion: Way In at Harrods. Friday 7 August 1981.
A Scanned Polaroid Photograph from my collection.

I only worked with the wonderful fashion photographer Rod Delroy about a dozen times. First time was in 1976 for The Evening Standard – funnily enough the last time was in 1981 also for an editorial in The Evening Standard.

A memorable session with Rod was a promotional shoot for Way In – Way In was an in-store fashion boutique/department at Harrods.

I suppose, if I remember correctly, the session was our attempt to pay homage to, and add some sophistication and change to the ever dwindling New Romantics fashion scene, which by August 1981 was getting past its best – Spandau Ballet meets Edgar Degas!

I’ve a strong feeling that Delightful Delroy has pegged out – if you know what has happened to the fashion photographer Rod Delroy, Please Let Me Know

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17 thoughts on “What Happened To Fashion Photographer Rod Delroy?

  1. I just came across some photos I did with Rod. I was very fond of him and great photographer. Would love to hear about him…

      • So sad, if that’s the case.
        I have great memories of working with Rod in the 80s.
        And if he has gone to the darkroom in the sky, he was far too young to do so.
        Bless you, Rod … and thanks for all the fun.

        • Very true David, me too.
          “Darkroom in the sky” …I always thought of him as a ‘light-box’ man myself ;)
          He was, is, a great photographer, I don’t know for sure that he’s died, but I think he has!
          We Are we still talking about Rod Delroy here aren’t we?

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