The Kings Head Uley – The Last Post

Brian Streaters Streatfield

A Celebration of The Life of Brian. Brian ‘Streaters’ Streatfield, born 4th October 1938 – 25th July 2014. He was like an Uncle to me, he was a dear, dear friend, I loved him very much and I’ll miss him forever. Rest in peace you wonderful old ‘B’

This is the last in my series of ‘Pub Jokes’ marked Streaters; they have been my little tribute to a man who loved a pint in a good pub; he was also the bloke that I loved to have a pint with. The jokes so far have taken place in The Red Lion, Arlingham (Brian’s local since 1996/7) however, before that it was The Kings Head in Uley, so I think I should do the last Streaters joke there. And I’ve written it in the form of a ‘true’ short story: The Kings Head Uley – Saturday night, Sunday morning.

I used to stay at The Kings Head, Uley, Gloucestershire, on the Friday night and/ or Saturday night, every four or five weeks when I visited the Cotswolds, from the Winter of 1979 to about the Summer of 1997 – when the new landlord, Adrian Gray, took over after William Neale retired. It was a great pub, which has had a change of use from a public house to a private residence sometime in 2000/1.

The Kings Head Uley – Saturday night, Sunday morning