Autobiographical Self-Portrait

Top View - Autobiographical self-portraIt | artificial intelligence

Top View: Autobiographical self-portrait
Sculpture by Ian Robson

What is artificial intelligence? Maybe you’d like it to be an imitation of some form of human ability, like: understanding normal, everyday language? Yeah, well, we all love anthropomorphism – ascribing human characteristics to things that are not human.

Left-side Autobiographical self-portraIt | artificial intelligence
Left-side: Autobiographical self-portrait

Right-side Autobiographical self-portraIt | artificial intelligence
Right-side: Autobiographical self-portrait

My latest artwork Autobiographical Self-Portrait is a sculpture that investigates artificial intelligence and anthropomorphism. Each element within this sculpture has a very significant meaning for me; the components tell my life’s story, my autobiograpy, and are home to my memories, like a memory box or a time capsule. Is this, am I, an example of a digital Human? …Ha ha!

I’m sure Professor Noel Sharkey would hate it, but I hope and think that Norbert Wiener would empathise – I’m sure he would :-)