Chris Roberts Fashion Photographer – Where TF are you now

Model: Persephone in Bruce Oldfield, Photographer: Chris Roberts © 1981, Hair: Ian Robson, Makeup: Arianne. Bath

This was one of my favourite photo shoots! Taken by Chris Roberts in the early eighties in Bath. Persephone is wearing a deep lilac silk Bruce Oldfield dress – which were to become very vogue.

Chris Roberts Fashion Photographer 1980-ish Shirland Road

Chris and I did three years of photographic sessions together, mainly in and around London, especially at Willie Christie’s studio in Princedale Road, off Holland Park Avenue (btw: Willie Christie was married to British Vogue editor Grace Coddington. Chris was Willie’s part-time assistant in the early 80’s. also: Robert Lobetta and I, while @ Ricci Burns, did a couple of Over 21 shoots with Willie Christie). Very sadly Chris and I lost touch for some unknown reason, we had some very good times – where are you now my little Northern friend?

Written by Ian Robson
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